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EMR for Care

Focused on Transplant and Cancer for Hospitals, Insurance companies & Pharmaceuticals

About the Platform

House Works Electronic Medical Records system caters to patients, physicians, insurance companies, and pharmaceutical companies to deliver top-notch patient care. House Works allows Transplant and Cancer Centers to overcome inefficiencies while providing excellent patient care.
The platform architecture has been designed with a hyper connected working structure in mind. It is equipped for a multitude of varied integrations with other electronic health systems and hardware.
Patient Care
  • Phases of Care
  • Care Teams - Tasks, Alerts, Messaging, Meetings Etc
Feedback Loops
  • Seamless inter-coordination and feedback loops between Hospitals, Payers, Providers, Pharma, Diagnostics.
  • Quality Reports
  • Programmatic Performance
  • Business Gap Analysis

Who is it for ?

The main objective of our electronic health platform is to help physicians, hospitals, and payers to deliver quick and efficient care for their patients guided by evidence based scientific recommendations. House Works helps the clinical providers to automate communication between diagnostic centers, insurance companies, and patients to deliver continuous and streamlined care.


Healthcare providers will be able to support the needs of their patients to overcome the challenges of obtaining countless health records from diagnostic centers, hospitals, pharmacies, and insurance companies.


Patients will experience a refined process during their complex care journey by transparently guiding them through all their phases of care from diagnosis to treatment and untangling the web of hospitals, insurance claims, and medical decision making.

Insurance Companies

Our unique case manager platform specifically designed to collate cancer and transplant cases, organize authorizations, and sort claims, allows case managers to conquer the day to day challenges of care coordination

Phases of Care

House Works is designed to deliver care for the patients in a unique vertically integrated “Phases of Care” approach that exactly mimics actual patient care.

Referral Phase

This phase is automatically initiated upon the discovery of a worrisome finding by a primary care physician, oncologist, gastroenterologists, or other provider. House Works electronic platform is triggered and a case is created during which time the patient is onboarded into the system and the Expert panel is notified for evaluation.

Evaluation Phase

Diagnostics are conducted, imaging studies are performed, and experts are consulted to get a clearer picture of the patient’s health condition. The expert panel then meticulously and readily reviews the data obtained to devise the treatment options. Each case has the opportunity to be reviewed in multidisciplinary tumor boards.

Treatment Phase

The primary team, patient, payers, pharmacies, and hospitals are seamlessly notified of the patient’s treatment plan and easily aligned by the transparency of the expert panel findings. Patients may undergo surgical and medical treatments to help them.

Surveilance Phase

After the surgery, chemotherapy, or other treatments, the patients continue to be under expert surveillance. Patients will have evidence based periodic follow up consultations and diagnostics to ensure the best opportunity to screen for recurrence of disease

Our Team

HouseWorks was founded by healthcare professionals and developed for patients suffering from complex diseases. Our team comprises of the leading experts across the United States in managing patients with cancer or organ failure that need surgery, chemotherapy or clinical trials.

Arvind Shinde

Medical Director

Contact Us

If you feel that this is the right EHR to use at your healthcare facility, get in touch with our Customer Success team.
We will help you overcome all the roadblocks and identify all the specific use-cases to tailor it for your facility. We follow a personalised approach to deliver the help and assistance you need.