About Platform

House Works Electronic Medical Records system caters to patients, physicians, insurance companies, and pharmaceutical companies to deliver top-notch patient care. House Works allows Transplant and Cancer Centers to overcome inefficiencies while providing excellent patient care.
The platform architecture has been designed with a hyper connected working structure in mind. It is equipped for a multitude of varied integrations with other electronic health systems and hardware.


Are you reluctant to see your providers at hospitals because of the Covid-19 pandemic? House Works ensures that you get the best care within the safety of your home. We offer Telemedicine Consultation for patients to see their care providers over video or phone. 

It’s convenient, time-saving, and efficient. House Works intends to make telemedicine easier, even for people that don’t consider themselves tech savvy.
Patients can choose a telemedicine consultation on House Works and request a virtual appointment with most of our Providers, practitioners, and therapists.

Provider Efficiency

This is a frustrating and time consuming process that House Works solves. Its ability to connect to outside platforms, sort files, notify you and your office staff fixes all the pain. House Works also provides a platform for you to be a part of the patients larger care team allowing communication and sharing information between each other without waiting on a call back.

Patient Experience

Imagine one place where you could always refer back to that tells you Who your care team is, What’s coming up next, and How your care is communicating and sharing information with each other to create your personalized care plan. This is what House Works will do for you. Even imagine if you were to get admitted to a hospital, or see a new doctor, and they need to figure out your cancer or transplant history. Being a member of House Works would allow you to immediately log on from your phone and share your records, who your doctors are, and what the plan was.

Seamly Payer Care Coordination

This is unfortunately a common issue faced by case managers handling a large member panel with a wide spectrum of illness. Patients suffering from cancers or organ failure (ie. cirrhosis, renal failure, heart failure) usually require multiple care teams, many diagnostics , have frequent acute hospital admissions, and suffer complications from delays in care. House Works is there for your team to eliminate these problems by providing evidence based guidelines in an electronic platform built to care coordinate between the payer and its’ health care providers and diagnostic centers.