Our Company

House works focus is on solving workflow efficiencies in managing complex cancer and transplant patient care designed by practicing physicians for patients and their extended care teams. Our technology allows care teams to personalize patient care, offer the highest quality, reduce “time-to-treatment” phases, and increase access to quaternary care. House Works solves these problems by seamlessly connecting to, communicating with, and collaborating among physicians, hospitals, insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, and diagnostic services.


House Works is a user-friendly, intuitive solution, which can track all the information you need to deliver excellent patient care. It enables you to manage patient data, clinician activities, care teams, and progress through a single platform that is structured in a phased approach. This allows the entire care team to easily keep track of how their patient is doing, what phase of care they are in, who the care team is, what are the next steps, and how to share information.

Our Team

House Works team is expert healthcare professionals, who have years of experience in treating and providing support to patients. We are working on one common goal, which is to deliver accelerated patient care for all patients who struggle with complex diseases, such as organ failures and cancers. With the experience of our healthcare experts in the United States, we have developed a unique and comprehensive EMR system. This EMR has the potential to make the healthcare easier for patients who need organ transplant or cancer treatment. Our platform is evolving with time and it will play a major role in deciding how healthcare is facilitated in the future.


Medical Director

Arvind Shinde

Medical Director

Operations Team

Elise Diner

Operations Team

Jamie Taylor

Operations Team




Chief Technology Officer